Supported Independent Living in Gold Coast

Independence is a part of our life. It is in our instinct to live independently and carry out all the tasks needed for survival in an autonomous way. However, that for us who do not have to live with any mobility restrictions. Those who have to, due to impairments might find it difficult to survive with those restrictions. However, if you are in Gold Coast with mobility restrictions, you must not have those thoughts of limitations at all - for you have Alpha Care And Share around.
With a team of highly qualified support workers, we are next to none in offering you the best support you deserve. This makes us the best disability services and support provider, offering support independent living in Gold Coast.
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How Does Our Support for Independent Living in Gold Coast Work?

Ever since we started our endeavour, we have been driven by the thought that every individual must live life independently regardless of mobility issues. Thus, when serving we will take into account your lifestyle, the objectives of your life, your preferences and even your socioeconomic background. This helps us to chalk out Gold Coast support for independent living packages tailored to meet your needs. The idea is to help you live the life of your choice, with as much autonomy as possible.
And we are not only professional. We are care, compassionate and considerate, treating you not just as a customer, but one of our family members. This humane touch and focused approach makes your day when we are at your side!

What does our Support for Independent Living In Gold Coast include?

Our support for independent living in Gold Coast would include but not restricted to:
  • 24-hour support, which may include overnight support (active or inactive) depending on your needs
  • Assistance with Personal care
  • Assistance Mobility support
  • Medication assistance
  • Assistance with Shopping and meal preparation
  • Assistance with Domestic tasks and activities
  • Therapy support as and when needed

What are Obvious Questions to Ask the Providers of SIL in Gold Coast?

Why are your Providers of SIL in Gold Coast so trusted?

Our providers of SIL in Gold Coast are highly trusted, as they are highly trained and they offer the best customised service to meet your personalised condition. This make

Do you offer 24x7 support for Independent living in Gold Coast?

Yes, we offer time bound, as well as 24x7 support for independent living in Gold Coast depending on the condition you are in.

Does your support for independent living in Gold Coast include accommodation facilities?

Our support for independent living in Gold Coast does include accommodation facilities, where you will get home-like conditions to stay in.

Get Us by Your Side for a Better Life

Contact us at 1800 000 102 or 402567307 to know more details about our supported independent living. Or email us at to know more about our deliverables.

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